Live Updates: COVID-19 and Medical School Admissions



The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is beginning to be felt for medical school admissions. Here, we provide you with a compilation of official updates relevant to medical school admissions to make sure you are all up-to-date.

Last updated Saturday 6th June 2020 7.22 AM

Since the situation can change rapidly at any time, we are monitoring various information sources closely to update this page. So stay healthy, check this post regularly and continue with your academic studies and preparation for admission tests.

Updates on the UCAT:

On 1st June, Pearson VUE has stated that the UCAT exam will take place between 3rd August and 1st October. UCAT registration will occur from July 1st (dates subject to change).

The exam will be held both in-person as well as via Pearson Vue's online e-proctoring service (OnVue). More details will be released later.

Visit the Pearson VUE website for requirements and advice on health and safety.

On 21st May 2020, Pearson VUE has announced that some Pearson VUE-Owned and Pearson VUE-operated professional centres are available for testing, as well as some third-party test centres.

On 19th March 2020, the UCAT has announced they expect the testing to go ahead in 2020.

For further information, read our blog article: COVID-19: UCAT FAQ. 

Updates on the GAMSAT:

On 2nd June 2020, ACER has advised that registration for September 2020 GAMSAT has been deferred and will not open until late June.

On 23rd March 2020, ACER announced that the GAMSAT exam that was planned to be sat on 21st March 2020 will be run online at the end of May 2020. You will be sitting this at your home or a private location.

For further information, read May/June Online GAMSAT - What Do We Know and What Can We Expect?.

The GAMSAT is currently being delivered online, from 28th May to 8th June 2020.

Updates on medical school admissions process: 

The following was announced by UCAS on Tuesday 5th May 2020.

The Medical Schools Council have confirmed that “medical schools will treat the grades awarded to you this year in the same way as qualifications awarded in any other year.”

All medical schools are obliged to fulfill and conform to the UCAS rules in relation to applications. So,“if you meet the conditions of your offer you will have a place at medical school.”

The Medical Schools Council have stated that the “impact of these issues on medical admissions is unclear but medical schools are actively engaging in these discussions and are working hard to develop solutions that are fair to applicants.”

It is advised that all students check with medical schools they have gained an offer with via each school's website.

Updates on GCSE and A-Level examinations: 

On the 20th March 2020, the government announced that schools would close and all exams have been cancelled. A mixture of your teacher’s assessments, mock exam results, past performances in school assessments and coursework and your predicted grade will make up your final grades for each subject.

On the 5th May 2020, Ofqual announced their discussions of finalising grades came to an end on 29th April 2020.

Students in year 10 and under will receive calculated grades. However, private candidates will have to provide evidence of work towards calculated grades.

For further information on these decisions please click here.

Updates on university assessments: 

All universities are closed and all in-person examinations have been cancelled but some universities have moved their teaching and exams online. 

If you haven’t heard from your universities, please check with your course tutors for further guidance. 

Updates on the BMAT:

Due to COVID-19, the BMAT – September test session will not go ahead this year.

The BMAT – November test session will take place on 4 November 2020.

For further information, please click here.

For now, please take good care of yourselves and each other and make use of this quiet self-isolation time to recharge, revise and prepare for when everything gets back to normal. 

Please bookmark this page and keep checking back here for regular updates.

Be well,


Studying for the UCAT ANZ instead? Here is the link to the ANZ Live Update page.

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Note: In response to COVID-19, Medify has rolled out a COVID-19 guarantee scheme for those purchasing a UCAT season pass. This means that even if the UCAT exam is delayed, we will guarantee access to the Medify platform until your exam date.

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