Admissions Guide

Applying to Medical School

Find out about the whole Medical School application process, the different avenues that can be taken to gain entry and what it is really like to be a doctor.


Choosing a Medical School

Want to know how to pick the best Medical School for you? This guide can help you decide as it takes you through every aspect you should consider and more.


Secondary School and College

Do you have a lot of questions like: What subjects should I take? How many science subjects should I do? What happens if I do not get the grades I need? Why is it important for my application to be involved in sport? This guide answers them all.


Admissions Tests

Each Medical School has their own entry requirements which can include a certain entry examination, additional to your A-Levels. Read this guide to find out what these entry exams entail and how best to tackle them.


Work Experience

The most common questions Medify receives from applicants are: How do I gain relevant work experience? What type of work experience is best? How much work experience should I have? Should I volunteer abroad? You will find answers to all these questions and more within this Work Experience guide.


Personal Statement

As part of your Medical School application you are required to write a personal statement. But how do you write a personal statement? What should be included in it? What do admissions tutors use it for? For a comprehensive guide that provides great answers to all of these questions click the links below.


Medical School Admissions References

Your Medical School application must include a reference from someone in authority who can 'vouch' for your suitability to study medicine. This guide looks at how to obtain a good reference and what makes a great reference.


Medical School Interviews

After sending in your application and doing great in your entry exam, you may be invited to take part in the Medical School interviewing process. All Medical School have their own way of conducting interviews; here we look at what all these processes are and how best to prepare.


Special Cases

The route to a career in medicine is not a 'one size fits all' journey. There are many avenues and options to take in order to achieve the same goal. If you are in need of further information to help you make the right and fully informed choice that suits you, this guide is perfect for just that.


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